General Car Hire Rental Terms And Conditions

If you are planning to Mercedes rental car, it’s important to read the general car hire rental terms and conditions. This document contains important information, such as age restrictions for permitted and additional drivers, minimum insurance requirements and late return and grace periods. Reading this document before renting your car is also a good idea.

Additional drivers may be charged:

When renting a car, it’s important to check the general car hire rental terms and conditions before you book. Some suppliers will charge an additional fee if you bring more than one driver. It’s also important to note that a charge may be added if you have a driver under the age of 25. These fees are not included in the rental cost and will be listed separately on the rental contract.

Minimum insurance coverage:

When you rent a car from a rental company, you should ensure you are covered by at least the minimum insurance coverage required by your country. Generally, these terms will include loss-damage waivers, which waive your financial responsibility if the car is damaged and you cannot use it. You can also purchase additional insurance to protect yourself financially. Although state minimums are not very high, they may be inadequate for covering medical expenses and car repairs.

Late return and grace period:

Whenever you hire a car, the supplier will include a grace period to allow you extra time to return the vehicle. For example, if you hire a car at 9 am but return it at 9 pm, you have a grace period of 30 minutes. The supplier will charge you a late return fee if you fail to return the car within this grace period. This fee can be very high.


When hiring a car from a rental agency, you should know what to expect regarding taxes and other fees. The amount of taxes you will be charged depends on where you live and the type of vehicle you hire. Typically, taxes will run around 2% of the rental price, though individual countries may charge a higher rate than this. Also, you should expect to pay a one-way airport facility fee, airport surcharges, and other fees on top of your rental rate.